Pro Marketing Phone System

This 10 minute change to your business Email, Social Media, Business Card, and anything else with a phone number on it can add 20 % more income. Our service works in all niches.

Every business needs a professional corporate marketing phone system to look and sound more professional. Your Own Automated, Dedicated Phone Number That Customers Can Call 24-7

Our affordable Pro Marketing Phone System accepts incoming calls, welcomes your calls, and routes or sends their message to any phone number or email.

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  • Text To Speech

  • Voice To Email Forwarding

  • In Coming And Or Out Going Calls and Text SMS

  • Extensions

  • Call Recording

  • Hosting

  • Low monthly service fee $40 per month in and $60 for in,out,text

Marketing Phone System

Text To Speech – Type out greetings that are to be spoken
Record – We will upload your recorded greetings
Voice Overs – Voice over service available
Crystal Clear – digital voice sounds
Global Low Latency technology

Toll Free and Local numbers available world wide
Accept Incoming Calls
Have Outgoing call Automatically
Outgoing Text Messaging SMS
No setup delays or courier negotiations
Start Accepting calls after set up is compete

Ideal for Sales or Recruiting Campaigns

SMS marketing is marketing direct to mobiles via SMS messaging. This form of marketing is highly effective and has the potential for huge returns as long as you’re using it in the right niche and are applying the right strategy.

We Can Put Together A SMS Campaign Today!

VD-Servicess, LLC takes a highly effective and proven approach to SMS marketing that will help you to reach an entirely new audience without damaging your reputation or causing frustration. We understand what makes effective SMS marketing work and we know how to ensure that your messages are received by the right audience at the right time.

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Pro Marketing Phone System

Dear Business Owner

Im sure you want to have your own phone line? But not just a regular out dated phone line, or simple everyday voice mail box, but a professional sophisticated communications system!

Save thousands of dollars – don’t pay IT services or digital consultants for installation, followed by hundreds of dollars for ongoing maintenance and products like a phone.
Check for your self :
GOOGLE: phone systems or VOIP phone systems – Order Now a Save Thousands Today.

Right now; right in front of you, you have the worlds easiest, fastest, most flexible phone system that can have incoming or outgoing marketing done for you. Never miss a sale again.

Simple Process

  • Phone Rings

    Local or Toll free number rings, the pro marketing phone system greets them and processes the call.

  • The Message

    The message gets recorded and emailed OR the caller gets forwarded to your real phone number.

Lets Recap The Marketing Phone System

  • Custom Greeting

    Impress your customers when playing a new custom greeting. You can also offer new deals or services when they call you.

  • Extensions

    3 Extensions included in setup. Your employees can answer your company phone from anywhere.

  • Hosting

    No worries about online storage or bandwidth – we take care of all the maintenance

  • Text Messaging

    Send 50 to 20,000 SMS messages to clients, customers, employees for as low as .10..

  • Call Forwarding

    Forward calls and extensions to any land line or cell phone.

  • Recording

    Record all your calls for quality and training purposes. Unlimited storage included.

  • Voice to Email

    All voice mails are transcribed and sent along with the audio to you email.

  • Over 1500 beta phase testers with this state of the art marketing phone system.

  • Fast Set Up

    Buy our set up service Now on this page for $110.00. Buy a custom phone number from for $1-2.00 per month. Send us your scripts or recording and We will do the rest. Call with questions or about our monthly packages starting at $40 per month. Make more money now while growing your business.

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